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To talk about Umberto FIorentino means to talk about the history of the modern Italian jazz guitar. From the fusion of Lingomania to today's sophisticated and contemporary jazz, Umberto has never ceased to amaze with the class and innovation of his musical proposals.

Fiorentino has chosen Pleks.
For him there are four signature models: Fiorentino 1, 2, 3 and F4.
All produced in black delrin, different from each other, but all unmistakable.
Like him.


Roberto Cecchetto is one of the most distinguished jazz guitarists in Italy. Equally at ease playing mainstream or avant-garde, Cecchetto has played with all major names in the italian jazz scene and took part in important groups with Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu and others.

He has an instantly recognizable style and is always on tour, both in Italy and Europe.

He has just released a new album, Humanity, in duo with Lionel Louecke.

Roberto Cecchetto


Dario is a musician who is passionate about what he does. And this passion is felt, and how.
A true entertainer and highly in demand profissional player around Europe, Dario passes seamlessly from jazz to pop, from manouche soloist to singer.

Dario also cares about the picks he uses - Pleks, of course.
There are two models: Pinelli, a small manouche plectrum brother of the CURTO model, and Pinellidue, less thick and with a clearer and more modern tone.

Dario Pinelli


Nicola Cipriani


Wanderlust, that mad desire to travel and
to know new places, is also the name of the first album

by Nicola Cipriani and Brad Myrick - their music too,
joyful and inviting, looks like an open window
towards awesome landscapes.

To record these nuanced harmonies
Nicola and Brad used Pleks Songe,

in the 2mm version.

To celebrate the occasion instead
and obviate the precise need for use on acoustic guitars
Wanderlust is born, the new Pleks model dedicated

to this exceptional duo.

Brad Myrick & Nicola Cipriani



Moreno is one of those borderless musicians - he does everything, from rock to jazz, to blues and manouche, his true passion. In this style he has played with important artists, in various successful ensembles.

After years faithful to the Songe pleks, Moreno now has a pick that bears his name. The silhouette is that of the classic Fender 351, with a nice tip to articulate the licks of the gypsy jazz and holes for a secure grip. The asymmetrical bevel is a must, as is the material, the indestructible Delrin.

Moreno Viglione


Alessandro Liccardo: write this name down. If you don't already know it, of course. Yes, because Alessandro, a young Neapolitan guitarist, has made his way as an instrumentalist, producer and teacher, as well as a member of two explosive groups, the fusion-jazz trio Main Street Project and the rock band Hangarvain, often touring over Europe.

Pleks has developed with Alessandro his signature model, Apleks: a small and very agile pick, suitable for hybrid techniques, sweep, shredding or, more simply, a bit of healthy blues.

The variable 'rounded' thickness and the horizontal bevel give this pick a unique smoothness. Three holes of different diameters add an unmistakable character. Like Alex's.

Alessandro Liccardo

Diodati By Giacomo Citro 2.jpg

Francesco Diodati

Francesco Diodati is one of the most important improvisers and composers of his generation. He has collaborated with personalities of the caliber of Enrico Rava, Gianluca Petrella, Bobby Previte, Francesco Bearzatti, Antonello Salis, Jim Black, Shane Endsley, Dave Binney, Fabrizio Bosso, Paolo Fresu, Enrico Pieranunzi, Gianni Lenoci and many others.

In 2015 he obtained the Top Jazz (Jazz Music) as best group with Enrico Rava's quartet, with whom he recorded Wild Dance (ECM) and collaborates since 2013.

He recorded 4 albums as a leader and actively collaborates with the collective groups Oliphantre (Leila Martial, Stefano Tamborrino), MAT (Marcello Allulli, Ermanno Baron) and Floors (Francesco Ponticelli, Francesco Ponticelli). His albums have received enthusiastic feedback from critics and audiences and he was voted best guitarist from 2013 to 2017 by JazzIt magazine. Never the same (Auand, 2019) was recently reviewed as record of the month on Musica Jazz and Stereophile (USA)

Francesco is also professor of Jazz Guitar at the Monopoli Conservatory from 2017/2018 and permanent professor of Siena Jazz University starting from the academic year 2019/2020, as well as being engaged in short and long-term workshops in Italy and abroad. .

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